Professional Philosophy

I am an author, speaker, and writing coach.

As an author, it is my responsibility to contribute something of value for reader. For me this means writing that shares in the human experience and is reliable, trustworthy, and honest. I follow best journalistic practices in my non-fiction writing and aim to share values and insights through my fiction as well, by showing not telling and letting the reader come to her own conclusion.

As a speaker and facilitator, it is my responsibility to make the group comfortable, engaged in community, and empowered to share. Each participant comes with his or her own prior learning, that if addressed, adds to the class;  gets him or her thinking about the next level instead of settling for past success; and makes the experience a well rounded one. Practically speaking, it also helps me know where to focus my workshop time as I want to be filling in gaps for participants and expanding on what they already know and not wasting their time. It is my goal that each participant leaves with something they can immediately put into practice.

As a writing coach, it is my responsibility to encourage writers I am mentoring, but give enough constructive criticism so that they are able to progress and improve. If the writer has a final draft worthy piece, I will look for something small to sharpen up, develop, or bring into focus to improve publication odds and likely be sharing more about the business than writing technique. If the project has a long way to go, I will come alongside the writer and suggest stages of development and steps to work on. This makes the project manageable and success achievable. It is my belief that given the resources, support, insights, and connections; anyone can be published. I aim to connect the people who desire to be with that opportunity. 

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