Stories Your Mother Never Told You
Stories Your Mother Never Told You - buy it now


A collection of 17 short stories from the author of Mother Mexico. From funny to poignant, from big city to small town, the Canadian characters will stick with you long after you turn the page to the next read. Find out along with the characters how cat ladies are made, how to seem decisive when you are anything but, and how to navigate grief.

Mother Mexico
Mother Mexico - buy it now


While countless others are trying to flee their lives in Mexico, Natalie and Carl are wanting in. On the run from both the authorities and their seedy counterparts from their former lives, they are rushing full speed ahead with their one chance for a new and better life. Complicating things are a small baby with fake ID and Carl's penchant for running out on bad situations. When Natalie is left to fend for herself and the baby in a desperate situation in Mexico, is there any way she can work her way out of the mess Carl has left her with and reclaim the life she really wants? From a first time novelist, comes this story of redemption, motherhood, and forgiveness.

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