Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Recharging Creatively: 4 ways to look at creative energy differently

It is often thought that when stressors and demands are high, creative energy will suffer. But what if we could turn that thought on its head? What if it was the exercise of creativity that recharged us? Here are 4 ways to look at creative energy differently:

1.       Unlocking the creativity as finite myth

Creativity is something that expands the more it is used. When we operate from our creative selves and bring that energy to our work, our daily living, and our engagement with other humans we are more likely to bring passion to our projects. We are also more likely to show up human and vulnerable. It is worth the risk for the connection and the possibilities. What project do you want to work on today? Brainstorm how to get there. Celebrate the creativity you see happening in your day-to-day. Record it. Use the proof of its existence, even in a season of challenge, to excite you and propel you to work a bit at your creative project.

2.       Being open

Having a preconceived notion of what creativity looks like from day to day limits us. Some days it might manifest in stretching our resources or time. Some days it might result in ideas that we need to file away until there is more time to work on them. Other times, it might mean a fun twist on everyday occurrences and challenges. Being creative, even in how we get to a project or come up with ideas to motivate ourselves to work on it, will pay dividends.

3.       Accept a variety of results

Celebrating what it happening creatively instead of holding out for something else allows us to build on what is. When we accept reality, but are also open to what could be; we are ready for something exciting to happen. It is hard to be lacking in energy and depleted or discouraged when new ideas are presenting themselves as possibilities. Do not hit the backspace or crumple any papers or hit delete or erase right now. Save all the attempts. Try mini sessions. Try again tomorrow building on the little bit that happened today. Partner up with others who want to see creativity flourish as well. See what you can spur each other on to do.

4.       Ride the creative wave

Working with what is happening means we can get excited about where creativity shows up from problem solving to new project inspiration. Embracing the creative beings we are means being proud of what we are doing and what we’re producing and gives hope that what we do will positively impact others. With the hope of that -- bringing to the world more than ego -- means we can trust and let go. In such an environment, creativity has no choice but to show up. 

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