Monday, April 27, 2020

Making Room for Your Dreams: Matching Opportunity with Possibility

There is so much wisdom in not feeling obligated to fill free time with something productive automatically. There needs to be space and rest as well.

But what happens when we have had some of that space and rest and could use an enjoyable enterprise to lose ourselves in? Well, here might be an opportunity to match opportunity with possibility. 

In moving forward in the space we've spotted to start walking our dreams out, we can examine, what series of small actions would move our dream projects, past-times, and practices forward? We do not have to do it perfectly to make things happen. Nor do we need to be previously motivated. Even the smallest grain of intention can be enough if we water it frequently with small habits. As we move into a repetitive practice we can give ourselves the advantage of likely success by putting a few helps in our tool kit.

Don’t underestimate the power of rewards

Success is not about feeling heightened desire to do the thing and then doing it. Often, at least at first, taking action on our dreams can feel considerably like grunt-work. Whether it is setting a timer to write or deciding to run down the road for  1km and then back home for another; the first step does not have to be done enthusiastically to be done. Give yourself a reward upon completion. Pair up something you are looking forward to with something you want to get done. Practice will turn into routine which will affirm the practice.

 Keep a file with distracting ideas

As you get going on your project, you may find more ideas arising. These ideas are great to file away for future sessions. For now, keep them in the future until you are finished the project at hand. They are not a sign of your inability to concentrate, but a sign of your creativity. Don’t curse yourself for them. Be thankful and set them aside as a future savings to draw on.

 Remind yourself why you are working on your current project with a visual

This project’s realization and importance to you can be emphasized at the start, before it has much to show for it, with visuals. Whether it is a vision board or a “what if” mind map or flow chart; having something to look forward ahead to allows us to work in a more focused manner.

Attaching dates and times to see it through 
      You can both make a schedule of content with dates (feel free to adjust as you go) as well as batch create outlines, scenes, graphics, or primed canvases when you're feeling productive. When you are not feeling as inspired, all you will have to do is add another layer or hit publish. Give yourself the advantage of seeing where working on your dreams, even for a little bit, will encourage you to dream more about what could be.

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