Saturday, February 22, 2020

How to Get Going: 4 Easy Ways to Structure Personal Writing Goals

Crafting structure for your personal output goals is like hiring a personal trainer for your work. You won’t regret it. Here are 4 easy-to-employ approaches to choose from.

1.       Date deadlines

You can make these weekly if you like. Having an agreement with yourself about what you’ll produce and when (ie, article queries, chapters, scenes, or blog posts) and a regular calendar with next steps (adding them to the larger document in waiting, submitting to publications, or posting on your blog) means you will gain a sense of accomplishment and achievement without experiencing overwhelm.

2.       Micro assignments

Breaking things down into the smallest components of each larger part is the quickest route to beating paralysis. Drafting 100 words is achievable. Do that 5 to 7 times and you have an ideal blog post. Do it 25 times and you have a chapter. Assign yourself many of these over your week and you’ll be making the most of small chunks of time.

3.       Public countdown

Holding yourself accountable by having others invested in what’s upcoming also takes care of promotion at the same time. There are html code plugins you can use for your social media pages to keep it constantly real and looming. Coupling this with a regular practice or set goal makes things happen.

4.       Daily commitment

Making your creative practice a short achievable regular occurrence will make natural progress. By incorporating several strategies here that work together you will be hitting your goals without needing to drastically rearrange your daily schedule.

Your art is something that adds to your life organically. Finding what works best for you and is most likely to be regularly repeated will be key to your success.

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