Wednesday, June 26, 2019

5 Ways to Ensure You Finally Write Your Book This Summer

When you hear your favourite author has released a new book or someone you didn't even know was writing one releases theirs, do you think I really need to finally write my book! ?
That dream of yours can come true this summer. It's not too late for you. You have everything that you need. Here are 5 ways to ensure you finally write your book this summer. Do one or do all. They will propel you forward.

1. Prioritize It.

Even if you are not willing to tell people you are writing your book, you are still going to have to unapologetic about finding a place for it in your life. That doesn't mean you have to carve hours at a time away from your real life. Just make it your go-to activity anytime you have a moment to yourself and have done the bare minimum on the rest of your to-do's. Much of the time others won't even notice. (If you want to do a time audit to see where you can sneak in writing, you can take a notebook or a laptop with you and duck out of the room and type furiously for as long as you can get away with. Do that for a day. Track when, where, and how long you were successful. See if you can do it without anyone noticing.) Getting up earlier than anyone else is a good bet. Or you can stay up later than them. How about going off-site for lunch? If you are a freelancer or are on days off work, try heading out for a meeting (with yourself where you write for the whole time). You can trade some of your internet, TV, and reading time for writing. You are already using that time. Just repurpose it.

2. Make it Real.

Making your book outline complete with story-line or table of contents, chapter and word counts and book cover mock-up gets you thinking about the writer you are. The authors that have completed their manuscripts were once where you are now. Talk about your project with others as long as you are doing the work you said you would do on it and are not simply satisfying yourself with the idea of it. Pick people to surround yourself with that will hold you accountable, be encouraging, and bring out your best productive habits. If you know of people actively writing, get into accountability pair-ups. If you don't, there are plenty of writers sharing tips on youTube. Just remember to use them as a timed reward after a writing session. You want to be producing content, not just consuming it.

3. Hire a coach.

If you want to ensure you are definitely going to stick to your project and get your manuscript complete, you might consider hiring a coach. Just like you would sign up with a trainer to optimize results at the gym; a coach can check that you are on track, help you shape up your idea, content, and sessions into a plan. With a coach, you will get a focused approach and follow-up you will be held accountable to. If you want to make sure you take yourself seriously in pursuit of your write your book goal this summer, set yourself up with someone who cares about your success.

4. Join a community

Joining a community can be as simple as creating a facebook group or joining an existing one. It might mean bringing together writers you know for writing sprints (either online or face to face). A writing community will understand your need to prioritize your writing to get it done and they will have ideas they have used successfully before and ones that are working for them now that you can benefit from as well. (As an added bonus, they will often make fabulous beta readers when the time comes for second and third drafts as well).

5. Experiment with your personal formula

You won't know what works unless you try a few different approaches. Let's say your first one gets you writing faster and better than you even anticipated. Great! Keep at it! You can wait until a writer's block sets in until you change it up. But don't worry if you have a stumbling start. The reason you've probably not written your book until now is because life gets in the way or you've been discouraged by your previous attempts. You are doing some new things now. You will connect with new people, try new methods, change up the setting or time of day, or vary the length of your sessions until you find what works for you. And then you will hit the manuscript stride you meant to all along.

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