Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Putting the Time into Your Overnight Success

I just finished Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins in one sitting and have posted it as a giveaway on my Instagram account. Head on over to enter.

I loved his well paced prose, practical advice, and motivating storytelling. Among the advice was debunking the myth of the overnight success. Most of the time, the big stars we see today put master level hours of practice into place before they saw breakthrough. That can happen in 10 years or it can happen in less depending on how frequently you are practicing your craft and releasing it into the world. This is good news. You have control over how much time you are devoting to building master level craft into yourself as an artist.

Here are 5 ways to put the time into your overnight success.

1. Revamp your vision of success.

What about if success looked like a series of professional accomplishments instead of one breakout project that either flops or propels you into overnight fame. Approaching your creative career one milestone at a time means you will grow in aptitude as well as reputation and will find the journey more enjoyable and less angst ridden.

2. Make a what if timeline.

This is a basically making yourself a list of things to try your hand at. What if you sold something; worked on your craft for x amount of hours; showed your work to a gallery, agent, or online world; gave an interview; donated your time to a high profile cause; joined an association; promoted your peers' work; applied for opportunities; and kept going at until breakthrough. Not everyone will do this. You can be one of the ones you does and gets the breakthrough.

3. Set a goal.

A goal can be any of the above or an amount of words or pieces, hours spent at craft. Make it specific so you know when you've hit it. Then, make another one.

4. Gather community.

Your community does not have to be made of just the creators in your market, niche, or craft. Any creative energy exchange will be inspiring and provide momentum. It is also likely that by gathering creatives around, you will come across opportunities and inspiration you can use and others you can share to grow your community and benefit others.

5. Vary your project size and type.

Both for practical purposes in money and time, varying your project size and type means all of your eggs will not be stuck in the same proverbial basket. If you are a writer, you could write pieces of different length & of different genre for different markets with different purpose. They can have Some creative work could be to establish a quicker source of income. Other projects could be to promote your name and yet others could be to collaborate with the greater creative community.

Let me know what you've tried. If you have any questions about your projects, feel free to email . I'd love to flesh out ideas with you.


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