Monday, August 13, 2018

5 Ways to Find Time for Your Writing

The difference between having an idea for a book or an article or having written a book or an article is the hours in which you have spent at your keyboard making it happen. Life does not have to move completely aside for your writing to fit in. Here are 5 easy ways to find time for your writing:

1. Leave a current writing document open and ready.

Whether it is a google doc or a document saved to a USB or laptop, if you have somewhere to direct your writing energy, you are already one step ahead. Set the timer and type out the 10 or 40 minutes you have available at any given time.

2. Think of yourself as a writer.

By writing regularly, you are affirming who you are and what you do. By thinking of yourself as a writer and identifying that way, you increase the likelihood writing will be your default activity. Connect with other writers at coffee shops or at conferences and see the power of community work to your advantage.

3. Map out your projects on the calendar.

When you give space to specific pieces of your writing projects on the calendar, you have both a plan and the time to execute it. Adding a 500 word short story, blog post, novel outline, article query letter, &/or another 2000 words to your manuscript to the calendar as to do's or deadlines means you will have something to check off and a new goal to set far before you are being held accountable by your readership or editor.

4. Welcome a variety of writing capabilities.

Some days you will feel like an inspired literary genius. Other days you will feel ridiculous typing cliched and repetitive prose. Both types of writing sessions get your manuscript complete. Resist the urge to delete an unsatisfying writing session until you get to the editorial stage. Leave that first draft alone. Mastering this approach will identify any self-doubt and self-sabatoge and get you past them that much quicker.

5. Reward yourself for writing.

Some days writing itself is the reward: a quiet time alone to dive into the story can be a treat. Other days it needs a reward to get done. A book to read, a second cup of coffee or tea, a walk with a friend can all follow a writing session. Hit the word count, get the prize. It is a cheap incentive program and it works.

Remember to leave the emotional drama to your characters. It won't get you any farther to subject yourself to it. Any past neglected writing opportunities are just that. It is up to you to find the time in your upcoming schedule and you can do it.

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