Monday, July 18, 2016

Taking in Writing Advice Without Risking Losing Your Individuality

There are so many interesting people out there doing their writing thing. Each one seems to be on to something. But how do you incorporate their advice and insights while staying true to your path? Here are 4 tricks to keep you on your own track no matter how much your browsing the writing world out there: (& how to avoid changing direction every time you hear something new)

1. Level out your experience and their input.

That is, make sure you are logging at least as much writing time as browsing and strategizing time. The business of writing and the art of the craft are crazy interesting to research, but you don't want to sacrifice precious writing time for them. Strike a balance by agreeing with yourself to have a certain amount of time for browsing and note-taking and then an equal or greater amount for your own querying and article topic brainstorming, story development, and word count generation.

2. Research the ones that make sense for you.

Whether you are a horror or romance novelist or a poet or business writer, keep to the strategies in line with your genre and save yourself a bunch of time by following respected writers in your field and googling interviews with them or connecting with them on goodreads or linkedin . Of course, you can adapt great strategies from one genre to another, but only sign up for this if you have the time to spare.

3. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

No need to get off balance if a strategy that is working well for you is not the favored one of your favorite author. Similarly if a list of intimidating recommended new technologies only has one or two on it that you want to try. Don't feel like everything from anyone is right for you. Before long, you will be recommending your favorites to people and they will be taking what works for them too. Writers are people before they're writers. We are all different.

4. Celebrate your own journey.

Take some time to write up a blurb about what you're learning and your process as a writer. You can blog about it, write up your own interview and post it on social media, or connect with another blogger who does guest posts or profiles.

As a great writer once said, "To thine own self be true." And another "There is nothing new under the sun." But the world is waiting for your version. So like the doctor says "get on your way".


  1. All advice is subjective, but it is so frequently offered as undeniable I heartily agree with your points here!

    1. Thanks, Liam Samolis. Are there any websites you like to visit regularly to get your inspiration from? ps. read your newest story excerpt. charming!


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