Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Have You Found the Right Platform for your Writing? 4 Ways You can Know.

If you've been writing for any length of time now, past the stage where you're only writing for yourself and onto the one where you are connecting with your readership; you'll be aware how much time promotion can take.
Ideally your sharing platform will be easy to access and in line with your message but there are so many options. How do you know you've found the right platform for your writing?

Whether you are a blogger, a storyteller, or a business or technical writer, here are 4 ways you can know you are connecting with your readership in the most efficient way, leaving time for content creation.

1. You have a few readers. 

Don't worry if the number is not up there. You can grow your reach by using any number of virtual tools or promotional strategies. Growing your readership is a combination of regular output and being of service to your readership. Give them a reason to come back and they will bring their friends.

2. You are being consistent.

Whether in posting regularity or genre or niche expertise, your readers know why to come to you first. If you can help your readers consistently by entertaining them or assisting them with their own writing enterprises, you will train them to come back to you for content and inspiration. Look at you! Making a difference!

3. You are spending the bulk of your promotional time on one medium.

Maybe two. Or channeling your main blog or website message through links on other social networking sites (buffer or hootsuite save you time here) But don't try to master all of the social networking avenues at once. It will be hard to keep up the pace. Better to shine on one site and be share worthy.

4. You are growing in confidence and picking up new skills.

Within each social marketing medium from blog hosting sites like blogger and wordpress and website hosting sites like webs and wix and platforms such as twitter, pinterest, facebook, and instagram; there is much to learn and benefit from in terms of strategy.

google the words author, promotion, and [insert your favorite social media network here] to find helpful articles like this one

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