Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Don't Have Time for Down Time? 10 Easy Ways to Recharge Quick

When you are looking at your regular work day and your writing project you're tackling on the side, it may seem like there's no time for down time. But not building it in will risk your losing creative energy. Take time for the things that recharge you. They will make a million other things possible.
Here are 10 easy ways to recharge quick:

1. Take a 20 minute nap.

Napping is not just for kids. The 20 minute nap makes solid health contributions. Web MD calls it a stage 2 nap which makes you alert and ready to tackle both thinking and motor control tasks upon waking. Set your timer and keep your notebook nearby. Frequent nappers often have vivid dreams & 20 minutes is long enough to go through a REM cycle.

2. Do a short workout video on youtube.

Exercise gets your heart pumping and brings extra oxygen into your body. Your brain will be at heightened capacity especially if you drink water to go along with your workout. Taking in enough water improves brain function & exercise superpowers your brain as well. A search for 15 minute cardio will get plenty of results.

3. Handmake a card or two.

Creative pursuits like arts and crafts use a different part of the brain than logical thinking processes. Going into another sphere works to relax you and recharge you for complicated plot twists ahead. The side benefit of having a few cards on hand for upcoming birthdays doesn't hurt either.

4. Putter in your garden.

Getting into your green space lets you clear your head, brings your blood pressure down, and gives you fresh inspiration. Employ your senses and lay on the grass, rub some mint between your finger and thumb, breathe in fresh scents and let your mind wander. Bonus points for cloud watching.

5. Have fun with your writing prompts. 

Taking a creative approach with your writing prompts could mean cartooning your story line, mind mapping your character developing, or painting the feeling you want the scene to take. Keep a notebook nearby for the snippets of phrases that are sure to pop into your head when you are relaxed and musing on your story.

6. Clutter bust.

This is a different enterprise from cleaning house. In a specific room in which you want to write for the next writing session, empty all of your clutter into a filefolder, garbage bag, and donation box. The space should now be spare. Set out something that makes you smile. Clutter gets in the way of clear thinking and busting it improves optimal thinking.

7. Trade massages.

Ask your partner to rub out those shoulder knots or book a professional massage if budget allows. Holding tension in your body puts you at risk for distraction, headaches, and reduction in energy. Having your pliable spine back will allow for more comfortable writing time.

8. Make an occasion out of your coffee run.

Instead of making a coffee run yourself or meeting a friend at a coffee shop and taking up a chunk of time you cannot afford out of a busy day; ask your friend to meet you and go for the drive or walk to the coffee shop. You will have socialization time, which is recharging ( provided you're meeting up with a positive person ), and it will be within a pre determined amount of time, allowing you both to get back to your schedule refreshed.

9. Make a vision board.

A vision board lets you see your goals in front of you every day. It both inspires you and keeps you accountable to what you say you want. Actions are sure to come out of what you are focusing on every day. Cutting out pictures out of magazines and gluing them is a fun change of pace. It works just as well copying and pasting images into a collage on publisher and then printing them out. (slightly easier to do on lunchtime at work as well)

10. Get in the water.

Whether it's a bath, shower, pool, or hot tub; water is relaxing and a true time out. It is hard to be stressed out in such a setting and letting your mind wander is the best benefit of all. You'll find ideas come to you when you are not even looking for them.

For maximum benefit for your writing project, before you start your recharging session determine how long it will be and when you will start writing. Following up a break with a treat writing session means you have a win-win before you.

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