Saturday, May 31, 2014

signage, gilt, and speed housekeeping

 i'm not sure why i post signs like this in my kitchen. i have three boys. it's not like they need any encouragement.
 of all my thrifting adventures, I cherish the 25 cent finds the most. this gold cherub frame was one of those. I was explaining to friends the other day that tailoring life choices to your own quirky sense of self means there will be less competition for them. if everyone did the same thing you do, you be hard pressed to get an opportunity to do it. (supply and demand and all that) that applies to everything from how you spend your time to what you buy or don't (i keep leafing through this mini board book of d and my 1 night getaway a few years ago -- even though it takes a master scheduler to coordinate multiple boys' activities and supervision in our absence, I'm thinking it might be worth it...)
this feels like a good Saturday morning to me: blogging, reading some brain candy and texting friends. I'm giving myself another 10 minutes until I have to whirl this house into enough shape (read: cleaning like people are coming over in 20 minutes -- it means I won't have to spend more than 20 minutes on it) and can get on with the rest of my day: writing, puttering, visiting.

little c is in the middle of negotiating sales for his loft bed thanks to social media. he has great visions for its replacement. you know it involves collecting the rest of the household's belongings into his room -- the studio apartment for a nine year old that it is ;)

if you are looking for a prompt to start writing, click here


  1. Awesome post! You have a great blog! Please reach out if you are interested in signage family. Thank you. Have a great day ahead!


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