Thursday, May 22, 2014

reading helps you recover from life

i've finished three books in the last week. this one, this one, and this one (and the three glasses of red that accompanied them) probably because i'm recovering from writing mine, presenting at a conference (for the first time), wrapping up the day job before it pauses for summer, and keeping the side gig going. and did i mention how many rides these kids need?

books help you recover from life.

i noticed yesterday in one of those overwhelming gratitude moments that i am at the stage where my kids are old enough to mow the lawn and treat me to starbucks. it's been going on a while now but life keeps going, morphing from one thing to another, until i realized, hey we're here now.

and I like it.

because when things fall off the to do list completed, for a compulsive list maker that means add more, you know i will, with family and writing and reads thrown in between.

a couple of announcements: thrilled to be part of this year's Harrison Festival of the Arts' Literary Café on July 14th. save the date! and to be the new editor of Groundwork (a magazine for adult basic education educators) if you'd like submission guidelines, email me at

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