Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 is here!

One more day to chillax before work resumes post holiday. Amazing New Year celebrating with friends in the dust of 2013 and family lunch today at my mom's and now time alone with my laptop to write at home. (switch hitting between two books for an early spring 2014 e-book launch of both)

I keep adding to the tree past Christmas (oversized flowers and trendy tinsel gifts from the post Christmas clearance fairies) so it's still up.

recent adventures in reading reflect how long ahead I like to plan. I'm ok with life taking me off course, I just like to have a plan and a roadmap. fascinating read.
to keep me in the moment, I also read living simply with children. which was a fast and common sense but inspiring read. basically about slowing down and allowing yourself an adult life and allowing the kids to be kids and enjoy a non-pedestal place in the family -- it takes the stress and heightened expectations out of childhood.

adventures in decorating: added a bulletin board element to the reversed picture and made my favorite faux fur coat into a dining room bench throw. (shopping home after window shopping urban barn)

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