Saturday, December 21, 2013

books, crafts, snow, and other holiday delights

 shot of dresser taken from bed to let you know about the lazy holiday state of affairs (currently reading this great book. notice my latest easy peasy craft: abandoned picture frame spray painted pewter glass and all and fitted with a piece of trimmed printed burlap -- all it needed was glue stick to hold it together and a plate stand to place it on)
 the cat holding court in the kitchen. ribboned boards beside him are waiting for our newly printed family pictures
 my attempts to capture night time snow play. I wised up after a few minutes and left them to their own devices -- more reading time for me ;)
my holiday decorating style is to use the things I already use day to day. grouping the red feels festive. little c contributed the sparkled house -- his holiday craft to replicate all those cute snowy houses you see in cloches everywhere -- 25 cent ceramic house covered again in glue stick and glitter.
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. photography credit goes to Velvet Moon Photography. design credits to sister made designs. thrilled with both.

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