Sunday, December 01, 2013

advent reads in newsprint

advent goodies to open has always been a tradition at our house. (see here  and) here the two oldest informed me mid last year that they were done with the doo dads to open every day in dec (i suppose it makes sense -- they are 13 and 16 ;) but it was a mental adjustment for me.

once i got over the ok, they're growing up, i decided to rework little c's advent tradition, inspired by this blogger and her wisdom on simple celebrating. I decided to pick up a book for each day for him to open and for us to read together at night. so it wasn't a crazy expense, I thrifted 23 picture books (which ranged from 25 cents to 1.00) from the local thrift store looking for classic goodies. I glued small rectangles of kraft paper over the previous owners' names and wrapped them in the kraft paper I had on hand (and when that ran out -- in the cardboard liner of other wrapping rolls, scrap art paper, and finally flyers out of my recycling) It made a cute stack and he is thrilled about the tradition. Thank goodness someone is still 9 :)

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