Friday, November 29, 2013

baking that hobbits prefer

this past week I watched this (with d, feeling ever so blessed to be surrounded by my family), read this (at every chance), listened to this (sung by my 16 year old and his buddy in their school talent show -- very entertaining) 5 stars all around
house that survived the building partnership (not pictured is the older brother who is too cool for blogs but not too cool for gingerbread)
note to self: do not buy prepackaged quilting fabric for kids' assignments. while I am proud of my middlest's quilting abilities -- this little dandy cost like it was from some where hipper than fabricland
70s unfolding tree I love holding court in the kitchen

given that it's Friday (day 1 of my three day weekend) it's one of those days I can do whatever I want, which turned out to be this : attended a work event this morning, delivered treats to d and his co-workers, stopped by my favorite thrift store, took little c to meet up with my mom and sister and little baby niece for a tall chai tea latte, bought 2 towels, made faux takeout, supervised annual gingerbread building (ok, I watched celeste and jesse forever (another 5 stars) in the living room while listening to them squabble about who was making the walls fall down ;) , planned holiday outfits to avoid shopping for anything new (have you seen those crowds?) and plan to write until late.

in the middle of more plot rearranging (will it ever end? ok I don't want it to...)

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