Friday, November 22, 2013

nothing says getting ready for the holidays like pulling out storage and making a mess

 I promised pictures of the laundry room/mudroom/furnace room/entry way when the paint had dried. you might think making things all dark would be too much for a room with little light, but I happen to like doing laundry in a moodily glamorous space ;) (for an idea of the 'cream' dingy before see the bottom pic on this post

 I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this, (flipping framed art around all RH )but I felt like a genius at 1am last night when I came home and was inspired to start decorating the house (had been at my friend Char's all decked out for Christmas house for my sister in law's baby shower -- i'm blaming her for the rearranging that's going on ;)
the rest is going to have to wait until after school -- promised little c he could be the tree assembler. bumping writing time into small slots -- playing around with plot organization currently -- it's a messy business.

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