Thursday, October 03, 2013

Second sleep, alternative investing, and things that embarrass your kids

 I love how these armchair covers my grandma made makes our chair look all learned.
 who needs blankets when you have invested heavily in stuffies?

I'm getting pretty excited about this writer's weekend my friend Allison and I are hosting next weekend.

In unrelated news, I've definitely experienced second sleep of late. You know -- the crashing after dinner because you let the day run you ragged and then waking up in the middle of the night all finished sleeping for a bit. Some people might see that as a problem, but if you have books you have been meaning to read, it's an opportunity.

During that read about 14 hours ago, I came across a passage I read at least 4 times because it resonated with me (like all the best novels and stand up comedians do) It's from The Memory Keeper's Daughter:

"The three men -- it shocked her that she thought of Paul this way, but he stood shoulder to shoulder with David now, nearly grown and independent, as if his body never had anything to do with hers at all..." (Edwards, 179)

My 16 year old would declare the quote creepy, but it's true for me nonetheless.

Tomorrow's attempting to be my day off -- there's a work meeting and some freelance work, and some civic responsibility interfering, but I plan to pick up my free Starbucks and squeeze in some  chillaxing (read scribing and perhaps thrifting) too

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