Monday, October 14, 2013

prior to turkey dinner wrap-up

 This setting was the ultimate for a writer's weekend. If you'd like to join us for the spring 2014 edition, send me an email at

I am back from the writer's weekend and it was everything Allison and I hoped it would be and more. Safe to say it will be a repeat. The only side effect to turning your brain on and filling it with writerish things for an intense stretch is that you arrive home with a heightened case of writer's buzz brain. Luckily for me, nothing takes the buzz down to a manageable level than the to do list of a house left to the devices of my 4 male housemates. Who knew the second shift was such an integral part of mental health?

While I was out of town, (thankfully she kept me updated of the progress via text) my leggy blond SIL gave birth to the littlest Vandepol who is sure to make an appearance at family turkey dinner later today. She is adorable and we are all thrilled.

Add my sister's impending first birth on the other side of the family and you know why it's an exciting Thanksgiving. I am off to hang out with my so-big-we-have-to-rent-a-hall family Thanksgiving lunch first so I will do my best not to appear stuffed at D's family's shindig.

If you are looking for something new to throw into your life, get inspired by these entrepreneurs. I've been juggling multiple gigs my whole working life so you know I find their stories affirming.

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