Tuesday, October 01, 2013

a few of my weird favorite things

I found my camera card reader which means my pictures were finally freed. round here we like playing music with laundry laying on the floor
 this birthday breakfast still still makes me smile
 even relatively big kids look angelic when sleeping ( it doesn't hurt they have their father's eyelashes)
 proof that I caught up on corralling all those memories from 2013 so far
 reminders in chalk are still strong enough
my pioneer tendancies have taken a whole nother turn. I think it was reading a tree grows in Brooklyn. I now have cooked deer liver and heart ground and frozen in my freezer. d thought I was being extreme, but I reminded him this unsqueamish skill (along with my ability to slay spiders in a single bound) might come in handy if any of his often read Stephen King novels come true. (plus who would know if extra iron made its way into dinner? ;) As my witty brother in law reminded me the other day, "just use those superpowers for good". This might count.

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