Saturday, September 21, 2013

this is how nightmares beget sore necks

Our master bedroom bed (the beautiful estate sale one I love that is a vintage queen -- read modern day double) is perfect for a couple that prefers to sleep with limbs intertwined, but not so great for a family bed. that didn't stop little c last night. after walking back and forth from his room to ours to tell we how getting back to sleep wasn't working -- I should I have told him what I recently learned about second sleep and to just start a project ;) he stood by the side of the bed while I prayed aloud for the riddance of evil including nightmares in our home and he crawled in and promptly starting snoring. success, I think ;)

the bed in the usual state of lived-in ness. if you want to read a lot of books and start projects wily-nily, you might have to give something up -- like bedmaking ;) (this previous house shot b/c camera card is still MIA)

finished this book (short synopsis video here -- worth taking two minutes to watch) from my one of my favorite bloggers in one go last night between pre-dinner tea with my sister and picking up the highschooler at work the late hours my dad used to wait for me outside of Wendy's when I was 16.


it was worth putting a tree grows in Brooklyn aside (which is my favorite kind of read ever since I read Booky as a kid -- brave, descriptive while emotionally understated, plucky, resilient hardship -- also why I loved the glass castle and Angela's Ashes)

after spending time with my dad and then my sister yesterday and then having a quiet night at home with d and the boys last night (where he made nasi and watched his favorite movie for the quadrillionth time and I read my book beside him) I am set to spend Saturday morning my favorite way (tea with my mom, grandma, and sisters) and then get ready for d's family to come over for dinner tomorrow) it's the best kind of weekend.

also, three cheers for spontaneous writing inspiration. it's started again while driving yesterday.

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