Sunday, September 15, 2013

September notes

 my camera card is MIA or I'd show you the fledgling bits of homemaking my nesting sister is inspiring -- hard to believe but this last week I made both applesauce and pickled beets.
 I did over little c's room for him while he was at this great camp and it is a cooler version now that he's home -- not that I blame him -- us kids spent many a Sunday afternoon dragging our bedroom furniture all over the place ;)
Speaking of fledgling, I've been driving around with this driver -- surreal to me that we are already here at this stage.

came across this video which I found very thought-provoking and is in line with the few other parenting tomes I love such as grace based parenting and parenting adolescents. Dr Gabor Mate explains how to give your kids security and confidence and stay an influencing force in their lives. (the takeaway: three cheers for the staples like family dinners, family vacations, and simply hanging out. you want your kids to bond first with you and then engage with the rest of the world in confidence and strength.)

I am looking forward to this writing weekend. Join us -- we're counting on a marriage of fun and productive.

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