Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a few more things

d is fixing my computer (i'm blaming the kids) while I type away on his. we are getting ready to sit down to a put your feet up night. it's been a long (but great) day at work and I hit my sister's place after it to get more homemaker inspiration (made my bacon and broccoli quiche and mint chocolate chip cookies in her kitchen over tea because hers never seems to get dirty and mine is always a few plates and papers away from being clean ;)
quote frameable source:
reading this book. I know -- you probably read it forever ago. it looks great.
just stumbled onto this blog . only a half a post in and i'm adding it to the sidebar because that's how I roll (ok, I read a review on it) I'm ok with taking advice. it saves time.
doing some jotting on the couch. the oldest being at work will probably make me stay up and write later than this chick likes to. I should be paying him, but don't tell him.

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  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Good to see you blogging again!! I haven't read the book yet either - it is on my "to read" list (I own the e-pub version).


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