Saturday, August 17, 2013

summer top 20

I work in a school setting which means I start working around this time again after having the summer off. ( I know -- I don't feel sorry for me either ;) it was an amazing summer.
my summer top 20 (in no particular order)

1. sleeping in
2. my cousins' fresh vegetable stand
3. dyeing my hair purple
4. reading too many books to count
5. taking a writing class
6. cabins and lakes
7. spending time with friends who get what life's really about
8. beaches, swimming pools, anything cooling
9. a date night away with D
10. finally locating a bottle of jam jar shiraz (4 years of looking after spotting it in H&H)
11. family card games
12. lazy family dinners
13. sitting with the fan directly pointed at my face on particularly hot days
14. playing in a coed soccer tournament
15. sitting passenger to my oldest (driving) son
16. find a great camp for the kids
17. joining a book club
18. hanging out with my family at home
19. getting together with our cousins and the kids getting together with their cousins
20. counting my blessings in the moment... priceless

turning 36 in a week -- feel like I am finally getting the hang of loving right where I am without looking too far ahead or too far behind. it feels good.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous summer! We need a pic of the purple hair :)


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