Thursday, July 04, 2013

from do's to to do's

 little c and his cousins set up an adorable and short-lived lemonade stand.
 the littlest picked out the smallest giraffe family member on our recent trip to the best care-takers of children. we are on our way with treatment and things are going well.
 the sort of home office (and heavy planning ;) I do in the summer. for current version -- picture stacks of homestay recruitment papers everywhere and every social media window open on the laptop
 as far as my gardening aspirations have gotten -- seedling potatoes on top of the fridge. what can I say -- the great weather has provided a plethora of fun alternatives to gardening ;)
 hair the way I know how to do it (for polished version not done by me scroll down)
 privileged to be the first sitter for this adorable baby -- she loved reading magazines with me ;)
 my high schooler warming my heart by pre-planning his psychology degree
hair the way the best hairdresser in town does it :) loved this execution of all the pinterest pics I pinned
have some upcoming quiet writing time booked. which is good because I've been doing everything but

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