Saturday, June 08, 2013

weekend snapshots

I enjoy shopping for girl birthdays so the middlest had to bring ruffles and sparkles to his friend's bday today. good thing he is confident enough to pull it off.
I have been reading The Book of Awesome ( see pic #3 for sourcing) . I knew it was going to be great because Gretchen Rubin was going on about it on the cover -- a ninth of the way in and it has already made a mind shift impression (plus is hysterically funny in the vein of works like the three martini playdate, Bobos in Paradise, and Stuff White People Like)
it focuses on hyper focused gratitude -- celebrating awesomeness in the everyday. example : pg. 17
Title: Seeing a cop on the side of the road and realizing you're going the speed limit anyway
rationale: stress level goes up. stress level goes down.
you know I love the profundity ;)

 My blurbs of awesome for today: garage saling with my sister (see planning meeting above). in looking for one hard to spot garage sale, we came across a free dresser -- the kind with a missing drawer I can put some baskets in. thrilled! AWESOME!
realizing my penchant for 25 cent loot means that today's finds(including that dresser, a fascinator from a red hat club lady, some great reads and some vintage Christmas wrap among other knick knacks) came to a single fiver. AWESOME!
stumbling upon an unexpected sweet spot in my day (just dropped oldest off at work, middlest off at a birthday party, and picked up some pizza doritos for some cucumber chip sandwiches (fave food compulsion) when the youngest decided his oldest cousin's graduation ceremonies last night had caught up with him and fell asleep an hour before d was due home. vegging in peace. AWESOME!
spent four days this week in ISW and one morning found little c eating breakfast and watching my videoed teaching footage (the best trick to quickly lowering the amount of times you drop "um" into presentation is to watch yourself do it. horrifying!) Because it is all about process, I got to spend time with brilliant peeps from a variety of disciplines and participate in amusing classes like "how to wrap a cat". loved every inspiring minute of it. AWESOME!
perhaps because I am hyper-aware of all the gestating all around me (my sister M and my sister in law T are expecting their 1st and 5th respectively on the very same day in October) I am very drawn to little ones and birth stories. if you want to read a great one from one of my favorite bloggers go here


  1. The book of Awesome is awesome! I followed Neil online as he posted his blog posts and enjoyed the daily reminders that there are always awesome people and events happening around us. We just need to have our eyes open. You familiar with Jeff Coins? If not, check out He also wrote a book titled WRECKED. Awesome!

  2. I looove kelle hamptons blog...I stalk it regularly...just like I stalk yours too....miss u.

  3. thanks for your comments :) I will check out "wrecked"


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