Saturday, June 08, 2013

half a week

stumbled upon this cute little blog post format at "pancakes and fries" and thought i'd have a go at it.


met up with my rosedale splurge girls (not to be confused with Splurge: the Originals with whom I have spent 8 years meeting monthly) The rosedale girls are on the tail end of their first year together and we met over lattes at a local coffee house. We moved huge armchairs into an obnoxiously large circle in the centre of the upstairs and visited away. I always laugh to myself when we throw a big pile of cash on the table and give it to someone -- it must look weird to onlookers (splurge definition: 10-12 women who meet monthly and throw in a predetermined amount -- we do $10 and take turns winning it and spending it on something frivolous)


confession: i have been sitting on an amazing GC I won through the fitness challenge at work (not for stellar achievements, but for participation) it was for a jewelry store and i wasn't sure what to do with it. but after discussion with wednesday's girls (and one of those days where few things go right) i stopped and checked out if there was anything my type. and i found that anything. and love it.


one of my favorite things about finally getting a cell phone (yes, i was that person out-teched by your 4 year old until last year) and i have a dinosaur phone (so i'm still not sure if it counts) but it texts just fine and so is likely to start up a day-long back and forth between d and i (usually planning dinner and its sides) yes, i have simple pleasures. friday night was teriyaki pork chops and veggie wraps (check out chilliwack fresh if you still have not)


started with  having tea on my mother's front step while she levelled her front lawn by hand (that's her version of relaxing -- we are not alike in that way) moved on to taking kid 3 to a birthday party (kid 1 was already at camp) and having tea with one of my sweet cousins (the sister/BF kind) and then taking picking that kid up and taking kids 2 and 3 swimming (another bday party) where you guessed it -- I tea-ed again. tough life i tell you. (the tea-ing means i shove the to-do's into early morning hours when no one else has to be around to witness them -- especially little c who is the antithesis to getting anything work related accomplished (which i suppose is his job ;)


redid an old canvas I had laying around (little c helped) -- I tried to execute a funky version of this pin. I am more talented in my imagination, but I am a big believer in good enough so I hung it in the laundry room and am enjoying it's whimsy and wisdom there.

a couple weeks to go until the day job breaks for summer = long days of writing possibility

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the jewellery!


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