Thursday, May 16, 2013

of blogging and unwatched tea pots

It's been almost 2 months since I last blogged. You know who noticed and said something repeatedly about it? My mom. Which I found hilarious (she sees me nearly every Saturday morning when we have tea with my Grandma and sisters) and affirming (cue belated Mother's Day commercial musik) Who needs an impressive readership when you have Mom?

Then there was the scheduling. I tried a couple of times to get to blogging, and took some pics of recent happenings (the two youngest camping outside all last weekend) and the middlest crafting the most amazing bow and arrow with complete with trigger (making it a compound bow I guess which sounds a bit more dangerous) out of branches from the yard and yarn from his knitting collection. They're still sitting on d's phone. Aside from the pics, I was trying to picture when to put the blogging time in when I realized I also have trouble fitting lunch time in (I forget to take it until it's too late -- also the distractionary quality that causes me to boil water for tea a thousand times a day and forget to make it.) It's the working in flow thing, I am sure of it. But now that I know, I plan to combine the two when I can and sit down for a proper blog and a proper lunch. (today might not count -- ketchup chips shoved in my work bag when I was running out the door)

It wasn't until I read some pieces from Penelope Trunk that I realized how much I missed blogging and the reading of blogs. It's up there on my favorites list with peanut butter and jam sandwiches, playing soccer, coming home from soccer to find d starting dinner, and making lists that have random happenings on them.

Profound, I know. That's why it was so missed. ;)
 yes, I bring moss inside ;)
love heart collection from the boys is the best desk decoration.

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