Saturday, March 23, 2013

weekend puttering and other joys

 little c's $ stash. he dipped deep into it today to buy his starter garden seeds.
 boys 2 and 3 garden-ing it up
 while I got crafty with repurposing a favorite wallet that had bit the dust.
steps to faux croc cards for the interested.

1. disassemble wallet, take off foam inside
2. cut heavy card stock into the sizes you want and fold, glue stick heavily on one side and
3. place the glued side onto the faux croc immediately
4. trim around the card edge
- the coin holding card was hand stitched and safety pinned into place.

 love this kind of low maintenance spring beauty
celebrating my mom's bday today. eeking every bit of weekend out. (stack of fluffy reads waiting on my bed between chores. did some thrifting this morning. now that I don't do thrifty chicks shopping co anymore, I always have a box on my dryer ready to be donated. it works out to bring a box, take a box. i'm thinking profit loss is definitely better than risking hoarding. off to write a scene and read a mag.

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