Monday, March 18, 2013

putting 4 springs of fake greenery in a pot and other things that pass as crafts

 a perfect girls night in (with a touch of crazy cat lady)
 the best kind of herbs to grow in your kitchen -- ok real ones would be nice, but then I would kill them ;)
 killer bowler documented. on another scrapbooking frenzy... the dining room is half laundry station half paper scrap storage
have been plunking around on the piano again. the kids playing their instruments. (littlest c is just back from fiddle camp where he did his celtic roots proud) and he and the middlest have been swapping up instruments (fiddle to electric guitar) to fair results. making me think I might pursue teaching them piano more aggressively. (as is actually getting around to it -- not tiger-mothering them) we'll see. a bit of writing took place at fiddle camp. now to get it organized.

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