Tuesday, March 12, 2013

outnumbered 6 to 1 if you count the cat

if there's anything sweeter than three creative quirky boys underfoot, it's four. we are first time hosts to a Japanese student through the program I help coordinate at the boys' school. it's been even better than I expected (and I had high expectations -- I sell people on hosting for the program -- you know I believe in it)
it's been a gaming, long-boarding, pokemon iron beading, hanging out with friends fest.
and I am learning as I go along. I was thinking to make spaghetti (a meal so typically North American we are all likely sick of it, but it nearly makes itself after a long day so we still do it) It turns out our host son eats it once a week at home (but with chopsticks) who would have guessed?

Banked time at work meant an afternoon off for me -- I had visions of manuscript reading, scrapbooking, and an immaculate house. I happily settled for a bit of thrifting, some side job paper organizing, a quick glance through a magazine, and another stack of laundry.

Living with a clue -- I'm trying to get there between the balance of striving for the vision and making peace with the reality. To that end, I finally handed in my "catch me later" email to my favorite (but full time job worthy) school mom committee -- after a six month stint where day job has amped up right when side job did too right beside (you guessed it) the committee which did too. When it rains it pours. But I am thankful to my friends who pointed out sometimes you have to pull out an umbrella for the sake of your family.

Looking forward to an evening of notebook scribbling, the magazine stack, some TV time with D on the couch and these boys of mine.

still loving our decision to scrawl our own calendar. nothing says march is under control quite like one of the ugliest unicorns you've ever seen (I don't like the middlest was going for a beautiful rendering) alongside some lucky coins. we're all polish over here ;)

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