Thursday, February 21, 2013

the stacks

beside the stack of reads beside my bed, i am in love with the other stacks: sandwiches ready to enter lunchbags in the morning, the laundry that spends its days in the dining room waiting to be put away, dishes that breed whenever I am not looking. it is only when you look at them closely as the opportunity they are to love on your family in the little things that they resemble beauty -- too easily they are another round of the same dance for the trillionth time. 
currently reading "orphans at home". you know i made the kids do the cheesy quiz "relationship inventory: a survey of feelings about your dad and mom". very insightful experience. well, except for the high schooler who clued in fast and gave everyone 10s across the board to avoid entering into the dialogue ;)

 ♥ this adorable mirror -- plastic goodness from dollarama.
another day, another to do list. my sister swears that as soon as time changes, i will feel like i have more hours at my disposal. i'm counting on it.

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