Monday, February 11, 2013

it's who we are.

it's family day and we are using it to be a more chillaxed version of who we are.
the highschooler is in bed.
d and i are wandering around in pjs (he checking work email and world news) and i (altering a dress for the weekend's valentine's dinner with friends it was a lose 7 lbs dress but i read eat pray love belatedly and inserted a corset ribbon instead and taking pics of the pics i took with an ancient phone which turns out only has internal storage that doesn't plug into the computer of course)'
the two youngest are alternating bickering and hanging out together.
i have a freelance deadline hanging over my head
and some housework
and i suspect there is some good family eats and a glass of wine in the day.
and another book
to replace the one from anne i finished this morning right before i did in E, P, L.
oh and i should read a bit more of a friend's manuscript
cool writing plans in the works.
you know i'm pysched.
 love this pic of dirk and i found on his phone from a few year's ago weekend away. makes me want to run out of town again with him
 ready for a sweet night of celebrating. already fashion-showed it to D -- he's a fan
 lazy family smorgasboard
 making my own David tea concoction as I ran out of my favorite "birthday cake tea" -- mix of loose black tea, chai, and candy sprinkles with french vanilla soy milk, heated almost too hot to drink
below: flowers from my sister on my favorite table.

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  1. Definitely run away together if you can! That picture is sweet.


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