Sunday, February 03, 2013

belated january

this has been waiting in queue -- for some reason the upload pics feature wasn't working for me last time i tried and we all know there's no point to blogging about crafts if there isn't actual documentation of said crafts (love my new pillows -- front pillow is made possible by my ripped party dress, the back two's material is more traditionally sourced ;)

My sister is back from her honeymoon and all domestic and it's reviving my inner Suzy Q Homemaker. I realized this as I checked out my recent pics -- weekend pillow making and kiddie snack documenting. You know I'm enjoying every second of it. Tis the second season of international homestay arranging so writing time is down to 15 minutes a day which I am thinking 2013 might be made of -- I have heard great things about a set short, often doable daily writing stint. Will let you know.

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