Tuesday, January 01, 2013

list me

the holidays are drawing to a close. it's now officially january so you know my list making tendancies are in full swing. not resolutions, but visualizations. i'm a dreamer, not a self-flagellator.
love buying quirky loot for my quirky boys 

my daily entertainment troop 
 my friend heather's reminder to me is on the wall
loved the new year's polaroids at our friends' soiree, now at home with the dining room to do list
 when you've promised the kids roasted marshmellows and are unsuccessful at fire building, you do the next best thing
 i was reading living etc and was inspired. check out the new book storage spot i found. the cat might be jealous.
my boys #2 and #3 helped me be eco about our new calendar acquiring (on the backs of former years of the mom calendar -- of which format i am a huge fan -- i save years' worth as they act as flashback diaries -- i can picture the specific days upon glance back. 2013's edition has charmingly specific art -- january ominiously shows us travelling through snow to work and school -- the almanac feature is a bonus ;)
my heavy duty to do list can be considered accomplished: reading, bon bon eating, finery wearing, homebase puttering, and general socializing and nesting... i enjoyed every minute of it.

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