Sunday, December 23, 2012

go go go stop

Christmas holidays have arrived and they are everything I needed.
a night in with the family, a date with d, crafting time with my sister, puzzling and hanging out time with the kids, reading reading reading time, time to watch documentaries on netflix, and write, leisurely visits with friends...  and the holidays have just started.
as i have recently explained to my friend jen, i rest on fast forward.
so i'm fitting a lot in, but there will always be time to wander around the house shooting pics of random things that strike my fancy.
 the best shopping deal i've ever scored.
 little c's apartmentesque room. (glad i didn't witness his hanging off the top bunk to hang those speakers. ;)
 this is about when i got tired of hanging these cards. (and i think i did one.) picture the rest sitting on top of a box to the left. tape doesn't stick well to brick
 love the dining room (and my ability to ignore painter's tape and unfinished trim in favor of a good book or two or three)
 our retro unfolding tree that fits perfectly in the kitchen corner.
did i mention i love this place?
looking forward to the flurry of unwrapping and a great cup of tea.

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