Monday, November 05, 2012

survival guide (disclaimer -- only possible if you have an eight year old personal assistant)

 we may not have tons of exciting eats but at least you will be stocked up on underwear and masking tape when you put little c in charge -- he is the best personal assistant -- writing down things as i talk out loud to myself ;)
 the realities of moving -- below -- absence of any sort of room to walk.
 the middle schooler's binder is so cartoon cute
you know those months when you are in a bit of a groundhog's day movie sequence? yup, my schedule's been like that for the last couple of months. a few looming deadlines (work, side work project, side volunteer project, moving to a wonderful neighborhood -- no i didn't plan all those things to happen at the same time ;), and the standard life priorities (family, friends, trying not to drop juggling balls) made each day a bit of everything, but not one a bit of nothing. to cope, i listened to inspirational podcasts, read my favorite refocusing book + some fluff reads when my brain was too tired for anything intelligent, and not to be underestimated -- let little c make my to do lists -- because he keeps it simple. and when an eight year old runs your at home portion of your daytimer for you, chances are he's going to be on it ;) I spy a light at the end of the tunnel (hello, December!) where date nights and doing days without power naps may be possible. (tell my friends to hold on for me -- I really will have a life again soon ;)

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