Sunday, September 23, 2012

shots of september

lately when i've been talking to other moms, i've felt like most of us took nearly all of september to hit our stride again combining life with the kids' school routine with work. it could be i'm only running into the affirming ones and that's ok too ;)

 went on a local aboriginal tour with some work peeps -- beautiful fascinating day
 we've been board-gaming up a storm -- the favorites: scrabble, guess who, and hangman
 summer is refusing to pack it in. i'm ok with it. family swims on the weekend didn't hurt anyone
 kitchsy kitchen cross-stitch -- you know it -- thrifting
 on another thrifting excursion -- found the mini oil that i'm sure someone else picked up on their travels for me -- love it
 heart warming fridge art
 found this picnic basket while thrifting -- plan to incorporate it into our Christmas pics if it works
loved this book. found it at the exchanging bookshelf at this holiday -- canadian experience, canadian content. -- yeah, i'm a fan
now if only i could only get my house managing down to a science... i've done the 30 day no spending before and now am knee deep in a 30 day organization bid. you have faith. i know you do ;)

maybe if i reward myself with writing time...

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