Tuesday, July 10, 2012

to do, schmo-do

did i mention how much i love easy summer eats? (this is little c's plate -- he likes to make veggie to dressing ratio completely even)

 my beautiful friend cindy and half the crowd of kids we dragged to the local spray park
the good thing about summer is also the bad thing about summer. a thousand projects are underway -- each of them partially complete, but few checked off. posting reminders to myself everywhere to enjoy the journey and go with the flow and delight in what the day brings. and i've also learned -- if all else fails, take the littlest to starbucks and get him to read the continuing sunny weather forecast to you. ps. have now given in to mild beginner pinterest addiction. yes, on top of houzz. i know -- looking like more hours equivalent to turning pages of magazines... ;)

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