Sunday, July 22, 2012

bribing oneself in the midst of a flying summer

who knew my new pinterest addiction would come in handy?  i was bribing myself when doing grunt work writing with 10 pinterest items for every 100+ words. it worked so i tried it for household chores, and then even stumbled on the pinterest idea of putting folded sheets into pillowcases for storage. (quite possibly the only pinterest idea i have actually executed ;) when i wasn't pretending to be organized, i was feeling summer fly right by. how are we this close to the end of july already?!
in july's dust lies little c's birthday, the oldest's "build a house in mexico" trip (pics at instagram links below)
and some summering in swimming pools and back yard forts.

the other day i was driving behind a dad and his little girl on his motorcycle and i flashed back to childhood rides on the back of my dad's. it was super cute. i remember wearing jogging pants (the kind that clinched onto the ankle) under my ruffled dress. let's pretend that was trendy ;) (not sure that all the crafts i pull out will be the equivalent of riding on the back of a motorcycle, but  humor me ;)

art cupboard contents rarely in actual cupboard -- should start calling kitchen art floor

 my kind of salad -- with a big hunk of dinner in the middle ;)
 the kids' VBS craft -- adorable
 little c wanted to take his entire class to the pottery store in the mall. i wasn't about to subject the store staff (or my wallet) to that. so we re-created the experience at home. worked out like i had pictured it in my mind -- love it when that happens.
 even the paper route looks beautiful when looked at from the right angle
 painting party in full swing.
 fort building with little c. he took some pictures of me posing in there too, but i will spare you them.
 i could make a coffee table book of d's dinners -- he is much more cheffish than i am about dinner -- this was his own herb crust for the chicken and garden pesto and garlic in olive oil on the pasta
the middlest is all about the winter headwear in the summer. it drives me crazy, but i pretend not to care. apparently he is making a scarf as well.

along with a tons of photos clogging up my phone, i have a file ongoing that contains current blog fodder so it doesn't run off the edge of my brain map into the unknown abyss. incidentally, the same reason i have a heap of lists going at any one time.


  1. Seriously, where has July gone?? Looks like you guys are having a great summer.

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I really wish I were more crafty! It is nice to hear about someone else who hardly ever actually DOES what Pinterest suggests though, haha!


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