Monday, June 18, 2012

shouldn't moving to summer mode come with a manual?

the last month in 6 word sentences. (an exercise in this weekend's class -- you know i loved it)

Spontaneous program admission -- career trajectory mapped.
Main gig summer wrap-up; moonlighting awaits.
Another parent complaining about June frenzy.
Transition feels mystifying-- naps may help. ;)
 you know i love signs and wonders -- on an especially stressed morning this last month while mixing my usual foundation + lotion, this squirted out on the floor and made me feel kinship to people who see religious iconography in their toast.
do not underestimate the healing powers of carbohydrates and mental holiday (that it is an outdated celebrity tabloid makes it even that much more pointless ;)

 fellow mom blogger/ my twitter hero who made freezing cold elementary school waterslides day fly by. sounds impossible, but lots of laughing and chai tea helped.
 it's not only me who adds to my jewelry collection -- little c made these very wearable earrings in a fit of ♥
when i left to go study all day -- little c wasn't too sad. the bed he usually tries to get in -- finally available for sleep-in.

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  1. That picture did turn out pretty good. It was a pretty great day; considering the fact we almost froze to death lol. Thanx for help making it fly by :)


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