Monday, June 04, 2012

i spy summer

today is not a good example, but it's been sunny. like break out some oil grown-up SPF 30 and sit outside a bit. so when it was, you know i rushed outside with a big stack of mags and some starbucks to soak it all in.
it started when i visited thetis island with my girlfriends last weekend. that got me started.
now i just want summer to arrive.
first though there is a few more weeks of work to get in and a fascinating course to finish.
my summer mode involves some e-book publishing too. so you know i will be reading geeky how to manuals at the beach.

for now we're in full june rush -- end of the school celebrations, fieldtrips, graduations, sporting events and yes, even a musical. i'll keep you posted.


  1. loathe the june rush. looking for small lulls to enjoy like you did with magazines and coffee!


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