Friday, May 04, 2012

friday rolling stop

this week my left hand ring finger was jammed at soccer. mild swelling so i am wearing my wedding band on my pinkie like a middle aged man trying to to change up his get-up. charming, i know ;)
thankfully, on the less ridiculously looking front, i have scored some cutie thrifty duds for weekend wear. to go with them, my belt from this dress is getting more wear than it bargained for (goes with everything... love that)
partook in my first at work potluck. the theme was food from around the world. because i like safe and easy when it comes to bringing potluck items, i went with new york waldorf salad (for foodie cheaters like me use kraft's poppy seed dressing instead of mixing up mayo and lemon juice + spices) it was popular which made me feel less bad about enjoying everyone else's slaved over creations. there were some amazing dishes.

i'm off to tidy the house. don't want our weekend guests to feel like they have stepped into a play about a whirlwind week. the middlest's class fundraiser on the saturday horizon, i am going to steal reading and writing minutes when i can find them.

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