Saturday, May 12, 2012

celebrating motherhood with tea and convos

it's mother's day weekend and i feel blessed. not because my family will buy me something mom themed to celebrate (they don't -- except for my sweet sister who bought a miniature orchid for my new office) but because it is about the sharing of the meaning of family and motherhood (i am eagerly awaiting all those homemade cards -- especially d's -- the man who says the things he wants to say in cards a few times a year -- you know i treasure them by the way my last birthday one is tucked into my lingerie drawer and is pulled out most mornings for a quick read) I spent the mid morning tea-ing with my parents and grandma and sister and middleschooler who definitely inherited the family's talking genes (in fact he and my dad were booking time into their phones to get together to finish their conversation later ;)
the little two were at weekly gymnastic class while we were tea swilling -- they were showing off their new moves at free play time at the end when i arrived for pick-up (a lot of impressive if cringe inducing flips and jumps) and the middlest doing a series of GI joe chin-ups. (not sure who it was meant to impress but it worked on his mom ;)
later in the day a drive to the hospital to see my brother and SIL and their month old and early arriving little one who is on the cusp of being allowed to go home was great. i banked a little cuddle time on arrival and on the way there had a sweet talk about working motherhood with my mom (who did a superb job of juggling work to be done and family to be raised without the benefit of my flexy schedule & who asked enough questions on the boys' adjustment to the new schedule to keep me on my toes) they have done well. and i am hyper aware of the need to not burn out. (and turn into mean snappy mommy) when i told d how tired i was initially, he pointed out that i might not need to go out a trillion times a week ;) thank goodness for clubs when i can see multi friends at once. i can't go cold turkey.
if not for friends, how else to share the authentic and often entertwining beauty and misery of motherhood?
happy mother's day to you &/or the woman who birthed you into this world &/or the one who raised you through it.
it's a tough job, but we're thrilled to be the ones to do it.

for sweet and inspiring mother's day reading check out nie nie's story of rising above circumstance to see the big picture and fern and feather's ongoing discussion on parenting counter culturally

love this pic of little c at play on his recent field trip.  today he begged to stop at a "giant garage sale" sign -- he has good finder instincts -- it turned out to be a 10 cent find extravaganza -- where he stocked up on all sorts of things for his in room office -- not the least of which was his own rolodex that now contains his friends' digits.

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  1. happy mother's day!!!! Enjoy every minute:)


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