Sunday, April 22, 2012

where the new week rears its not too ugly head

it was a freaky friday sort of week. the week was full of back to back social calendar and so by the time the weekend came it was a paint my nails while watching tv with d sort of thing and digging into some good nonfiction (specifically,this and this)

the running adventure continues (my first 10K behind me and the next one scheduled shortly ahead). i have to confess it's not the everyday running i love (i tolerate it for the social time with a good friend and the improvement it's given my soccer game) but the events i can see being addicting -- totally different than i had expected -- like riding a crest of a crowd's love of sport. 

on the kidlet front -- the middleschooler has been fundraising for his upcoming first missions trip to build a house in mexico in the summer; the middlest has been counting down the days til he can join the ranks of phone holders (our family's rule makes it happen the summer before middle school), and little c has been painting mushy handicrafts for his room to make up for the destruction he leaves in his wake
the rest of the time, he has been calling and setting up his own playdates -- sometimes he even warns me in advance ;) (his fairly impressive 7 year old M.O: flipping open the school directory, asking for the household mother, referring to his calendar, and inviting over his classmate complete with date and time and transportation specifics) i'm brainstorming for what other organizational duties he can take over because he sure has this one down pat ;)

i gained a new little niece this last week -- another sweet excuse to pack more impulse pink purchases into the present closet (i am that auntie who gives sequined gifts of little practical value ;)
the warm weather has snuck up. i threw some pansies in the front door planters and my friend cindy came over and did an intervention on my lawn (first cut of the year is a tough job for my little reel mower). the dandelion crop in flower beds are probably due next.
thankfully, it's rest day so i have a fluffy little british read and some pjs to report to. i've read a bit of new writing procedure (set word count on set days) and am about to find out if it meshes with the story coming out well. will let you know.

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