Thursday, April 05, 2012

planning dates, book formats, and other curiosities

sometimes i am mid day and realize there is quirk in there. like the other day when d and i met up for a romantic mid work day date (ok it was 20 minutes at mickey Ds eating extra value burgers and talking day logistics, but i counted it) when i realized he was wearing his computer techie shirt with his name stitched on it and i was sporting my work name tag. we are nothing if not easily identifiable ;) and today i realized the day's tasks might have chugged right along on the power of my secret curious george toe bandaid. (it's easiest to let little c do the first aid gear choosing as he does still believe in the power of the character bandaid.)

on the holiday front, the easter loot has been labelled and packaged. thrilled with my last minute finds (among them - a bunny car, a very manly viking ship cross-stitch kit, and a few good books) i do the kind of hosting that is easy -- hide a few plastic eggs, dole out the loot, pull the pre-glazed ham out of the oven, and serve peep chicks and bunnies on top of cake mix cake and icing (hey, it's cute and it beats bakery lard slab cake ;)

i am thrilled to be blogging at work as part of my job -- i will have to do some research on workplace blogs over the long weekend because the typing the occurs rapidly at home is more stilted there -- let me know if you blog for work and have pointers to get over the unexpected writer's block.

i am also seriously considering the next book's debut as an e-book given the popularity of all those hand held devices (no, i am not an owner -- still have managed to hold off on being a cell phone operator too -- amazing i know ;)  i like dropping off the map from time to time.  in unrelated news i found a copy of my book at the thrift store today (weirdly thrilling even though it means someone was thinking i'm done with this) so you know i grabbed it having given the last copy away.

i'm off to catch up on blogs before i take the boys on their paper route (the middlest keeps making like a carbon tax payer and off-loading the work on the other two to do in exchange for more $ -- it turns out he's too social to schlep. i'm on to him... ;)

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