Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekends really do fix things

 my friend wendy injected some flower ♥ into my day the other day. still smiling about it
above: little c loved his super big canvas. for some fool reason i thought it would buy me a long art-ing spell, but sadly he was super efficient about it ;)
below: good thing i am a knock-off buyer. if one of my strands really were trollbeads -- specifically the one i lost this morning -- it might have taken me a bit longer to recover ;)

it feels like i'm fresh off one of those weeks  (when in the reality i've already had a weekend's space from it) where the highlights were a get together with some cousins-who- double-as-girlfriends at one of those girly glam parties (where it never ceases to amuse my friend Heather when the saleswoman starts in about the haggardly aging results of women who don't take their makeup off before bed because she know me and -- apparently i'm going to be fairly hideous when the time comes ;) because i tend to put makeup on for bed -- as if one has time to practice a dramatic smokey eye in the morning ); lunch with d's grandma -- way too much food and a similar overload of magazines for which i am both thrilled; some chill nights at home with d and the kids; early morning runs; and some quality time with my sisters, mom, and grandma on the other side. the unsuccessful medical test was really just a blip in the week, but when one is tired at the end of it, it took some church time, a few novels, dishing with friends, a page or so of active gratitude journalling and some ♥ from D -- the "i'll cook brunch and dinner and blow dry your hair" kind to get over it. (so smart of him to invest in my cheery mood ;) so i'm going into this week with a house that needs picked up and a notebook full of 5, 10, and 20 year plans. (exciting -- the "i know what i want to do when i grow up" kind) i'm back into the season of the novel. one of the main characters is sure to have a husband who leaves roast cooking times for himself on the counter and a cat who walks around with his tie on.

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