Monday, March 19, 2012

snapshots that attempt to do the weekend justice

i am in love with these adorable bridesmaid heels that have a LBD to match.

there are good weekends and bad weekends and weekends where you are in love with your life. this last one was in the last category. from movie dates with d at home to lots of meals just us 5 that didn't have anything to do with me cooking, to plenty of fluffy reads and starbucks to some sweet times -- watching family movies together, little c revamping my old misprinted work nametag into something he could use, and tucking the middlest into bed amid his classic reads and artillery collection. i also acquired some iron bead earrings via little c's crafting. (i will have to find something wild printed to match them for a future dinner party). monday is d's guys night out so you know it's likely i am knee deep in a good book and having the kids make cupcakes. the novel is shaping into something coherent. i've decided to aim for a summer finish.

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