Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cardboard furniture at a juggler's house

this month (the one i thought would be relaxing after crazy january) has been flying by. i attribute staying sane while throwing too many balls in the air at once to my die-hard runner neighbor Gwen who is at my house every morning at 5:55am to get me doing 5+K and my boys (dinner credit yesterday went to d and lunch box cookie baking credit went to the middlest) who make sure i am not the only one ensuring everyone gets fed.
i am itching to do some scrapbooking asap. capturing memories with my 99$special camera still makes me smile. recent captures -- little c's cardboard fridge and the middleschooler's basketball tournament.

today 15 years ago our wedding party took us through the BK drive thru before we hit the aisle. some people were swilling champagne, but the bride was drinking a little 7-11 carton of milk (you're welcome, middle-schooler) to celebrate we took in an action flick at the theatre, stuffing ourselves with clodhoppers and bringing home leftover popcorn for little c's bedtime snack. it's a quiet little wednesday night, but that's how we like it. i am one of those people who fight their inflated romantic expectations, but thankfully have been married long enough to know probably 3 and a half days from now, I will be watching tv with d and will look over and see him looking at me that way and know that it's only in the movies that the day of celebration and that look occur at the same moment. for the rest of us, they're scattered about like gems to be stumbled upon.

the novel is calling, but not very loudly.

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